• Network Switching Equipment

    Network Switching Equipment

    • Multi-Core Xeon and Power PC Processors
    • Gb Ethernet, E1, T1, ATM High Speed I/O
    • Linux and VxWorks Support
    • Dense 1U Rack-Mount Chassis
    • NEBS Level III Compliance
  • PCI Express: Expansion Systems

    PCI Express: Expansion Systems

    • 160 Gb/s Host-to-Expansion System Links
    • Support for Double Wide GPUs
    • UP to Sixteen PCIe Expansion Slots
    • PCIe Gen2 x16 Host Bus Adapters
    • Turnkey — No Drivers Needed
  • PCI Express: Expansion Backplanes and Adapters

    PCI Express: Expansion Backplanes and Adapters

    • Components for Volume OEM Programs
    • Five to Sixteen Slot Backplanes
    • Bridge or Repeater Based HBAs
    • Private Label Programs
  • Customer Specific Embedded Systems

    Customer Specific Embedded Systems

    • Private Label Product Variants
    • Fast Time-To-Market
    • Proven Record of Execution and Delivery
  • Legacy Products

    Legacy Products

    • Lifecycle Support for Embedded Programs
    • End-of-Life Programs

New Developments and Products

PowerPC Communications Gateway:

Dual Core 8572 and 8568 PowerQUICC powers new Intelligent Network Gateway.

Dual, Quad Core Xeon Network Gateway:

NEB Level III Compliant Server Powers DIAMETER Services.

160 Gb/s PCI Express Gen2 Expansion Systems:

Dual PCIe Gen2 Expansion System enables GPU Graphics Workstation for Geologic Exploration..

Seven Slot PCIe Expansion Systems:

Low Cost Expansion System adds I/O options to PCs and MACS.

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