The Tornado development environment, which includes the Tornado/VxWorks® real-time operating system, offers integrated networking facilities, real-time performance and a complete software development environment specifically designed to work with UNIX or Windows. The wind kernel provides fast multitasking, preemptive scheduling, and fast interrupt response. Networking support includes TCP/IP, sockets, NFS, RPC, ftp and support for X-windows.

Device Drivers
Cyclone develops its own VxWorks device drivers to facilitate the design of Cyclone's products into real-time and embedded applications. Our extensive list of drivers support Cyclone hardware features and I/O interfaces including; counter/timers, serial I/O, HDLC Serial, 100 Mbit & Gigabit Ethernet, Ultra2 SCSI, CPCI backplane drivers and PCI backplane drivers. The development of these drivers and their integration into effective board support packages for Tornado/IxWorksT and Tornado/VxWorks. Our internal development of the device drivers provides our customers effective and rapid resolution to driver, system development and integration inquiries.


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