System designers rely on their strategic partnership with Cyclone Microsystems to help get complex embedded systems to market ahead of the competition. Cyclone understands that our boards and systems are typically a component of a larger system. For twenty nine years, we have been as reliable meeting our customer's quality and delivery expectations as we have been developing the lead edge products our customers have come to expect.

Cyclone builds more than seventy different board and system level products for a wide array of customers and industries. To ensure quality throughout its product line, Cyclone concentrates on each and every detail of the manufacturing process.

Cyclone's purchasing and component sourcing system is highly controlled and sourced to an engineering-specified list. Our material tracking system allows us to fully manage the material flow, understand and address material issues and reallocate materials to address schedule variances. All materials are subject to incoming inspection against engineering source documents with provisions for nonconforming material segregation and rejection.

All Cyclone's PCBs are built to IPC and ISO 9002 standards. Each board is scrutinized with detailed quality control checks, from design analysis for manufacturability to extensive design-rule checks and comprehensive testing.

The components for all of Cyclone's products are purchased, kitted and consigned for assembly at one of two local assembly facilities. One facility has five high-speed Fuji assembly lines or while the other handles faster turns of smaller production lots with two Seimens assembly lines. Auotmatic vision inspection systems are used to ensure component values, placement quality, and inspect fine-pitch components.

Other processes, such as x-ray inspection of BGAs, provide high levels of repeatability and throughput. Most all products are assembled with "no-clean" assembly processes. However, some of our legacy products are cleaned post assembly with deionized water in an in-line aqueous cleaner that is integrated with a closed-loop recycling system. Through our relationships with environmentally sound PCB fabrication and assembly facilities, Cyclone is committed to providing consistent and reliable products.

Both assembly vendors are within 6 miles of our Shelton, Connecticut facility for short delivery cycles and rapid issue resolution.

All products are completely tested in Cyclone's labs first as a board level product and then again as a complete system with any customer-specific firmware. Quality is built into each stage of the design and manufacturing process. Cyclone tracks and documents process quality to catch inconsistencies before they become trends.

All boards and modules are 100% functionality tested, including a 24-hour burn-in. All products are tested, configured and burned in at Cyclone in the configuration that our OEM customers will be deploying in their systems. This guarantees consistent product shipments that our customers can unpack and install directly in their systems.

Regulatory Compliance
Cyclone has a proven track record of executing and launching telecommunication systems and subsystems. These systems must be designed to pass regulatory certifications. Cyclone's regulatory certification competency includes: UL, CSA, CE Mark, FCC and NEBs Level 3.

RoHS Compliance
In a concerted effort to reduce the hazardous effects of heavy metals in the waste stream, the European Union has mandated the removal of lead, mercury, cadmium, and other heavy metals elements commonly used in electronic equipment. The prohibition went into effect on July 1, 2006. Cyclone supports these efforts with the goal using the world's best environmental practices to elevate the bulk of our production as soon as feasible.

Cyclone Microsystems has developed a compliant sourcing and manufacturing process which is being used on new products to satisfy RoHS compliance. While all new products are being developed to meet RoHS compliance, only select older products are being converted to the process on a product by product, and program by program basis. Please consult the specific product's web page for RoHS compliance. If it is not stated on the web page, please contact Cyclone for products in transition to RoHS.


RoHS Compliance

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