Learning about and delivering the latest technology means working closely with other technology vendors and groups to test, develop, and integrate other technologies into our product portfolio. Alliances include microsprocessor, switch and operating system vendors.


NXP Semiconductor
Cyclone's 2900 Telecommunications Servers deploy NXP advance embedded microprocessors, the dual-core 8572 PowerPC and the 8568 PowerQuicc Communications Processor. NXP's ambitious roadmap of embedded processors ensures that many future Cyclone products will be powered by NXP's processor technology


Wind River Systems
Tornado/VxWorks is the industry leading real-time operating system. Cyclone Microsystems ports and supports VxWorks on our NXP Telecommunications Servers, CPCI, PC Express Intelligent I/O Processors, and most PMC modules. VxWorks offers system developers with a performance-oriented real-time operating system backed by a comprehensive suite of development tools.

Wind River Systems



Broadcom Ltd
Broadcom Ltd, formerly PLX, our supplier of PCI Express Switches for our PCIe Expansion Systems. Broadcom provides a competitive advantage through an integrated combination of experience, high-performance silicon, hardware and software design tools, and global partnerships.





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