Core Competencies
To help meet challenging embedded system requirements, Cyclone has maintained a keen focus on its four technical core competencies: Industrial Bus Architectures, Real Time Microprocessors, I/O Interfaces, and Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS) Support. Cyclone's wide range of PCI Express, CompactPCI, and system products are backed by solid expertise to help integrate our products into your complex embedded projects.

Industrial Bus Architectures
Cyclone is at the forefront of providing building blocks that enable I/O performance in a wide range of telecommunications and industrial embedded system applications. From Cyclone's early work with the VMEbus to our current PCI Express Gen2 Expansion Systems and Expansion Backplanes, Cyclone is committed to providing real solutions to difficult bandwidth challenges.

Real Time Microprocessors
Cyclone's depth of processor expertise is focused on real-time data movement architectures and high-speed multi-core processors. Freescale's PowerPC processors deliver breakthrough I/O performance to meet the processing requirements for a diverse range of embedded applications.

I/O Interfaces
Cyclone offers specific function boards and modular interfaces to provide a wide range of high-speed I/O interfaces. Interfaces range from Gbit Ethernet to ATM OC-3, ATM OC-12 and T1/E1 Interfaces.

Real-Time Operating System Support
For a project to succeed, hardware must be backed by a comprehensive set of tools and development platforms. Cyclone develops specific device drivers to support VxWorks and Linux 2.6 Operating Systems. Our internal development of all drivers and their integration into effective board support packages allow Cyclone's support engineers to offer an effective and rapid resolution to system development and integration challenges.

For projects not requiring a full RTOS, Cyclone has simplified the task of developing embedded application code and producing boot ROMs with our Breeze Development Environment. The Breeze Development Environment allows rapid use of the Cyclone hardware's capabilities without major programming and debugging efforts.

Regulatory Compliance

Many Cyclone products are used in mission critical telecommunication applications where UL, Telecommunications NEBS Level III, European and International Compliance are required. Cyclone has a proven track record of designing to, and meeting, demanding international regulatory requirements.


Strategic Alliances
In addition to our strong relationship with strategic industry leaders, Cyclone places a high priority on gaining early access to new technology that can help our product development and schedules.

We work closely with other semiconductor providers to insure that our customers have the latest and best hardware, software, and development options for their systems. Also, Cyclone monitors the latest open specification industrial bus developments as an active member of the PCI Industrial Computers Manufacturers Group (PICMG).

Technical Support
Cyclone is as diligent in supporting its customers as it is designing and manufacturing its products. We understand that each system development has unique challenges and, accordingly, has unique inquiries that require fast and knowledgeable responses. Cyclone typically provides our OEM customers direct and immediate access to our experienced staff of primary hardware and software design engineers.



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