For thirty years, Cyclone Microsystems has been a leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance Intelligent I/O Controllers and embedded computer systems. With ubiquitous wide area and local networking, Cyclone's products effectively manage high-speed real-time data flows and I/O protocol processing, allowing the system's host processor to focus on primary application tasks.


Cyclone Microsystems builds products within three product categories; Network Switching Equipment, PCI Express Expansion Systems and Customer-Specific Embedded Systems. All three product areas enable our customers to focus on the development and manufacture of complex embedded systems in many diverse application fields.


Cyclone products are deployed in a wide range of industrial applications, customer sizes, and needs. Our products are used in many industrial sectors; telecommunications, video-on-demand, medical imaging, broadband networking, audio and video editing and processing, security, compute farms, industrial process control, and PCIe test platforms. Customer accounts are international and range from IBM, AT&T, Ericsson, Intel, Sprint, Verizon, and the FAA to many innovative small and mid-size equipment developers.


Cyclone maintains a sharp focus on our four technical core competencies: industrial bus architectures, high-speed I/O microprocessors, I/O interfaces and real-time operating systems. We continually integrate advances from all four areas into new product combinations. Also, we internally develop Board Support Packages and provide developmental support for Wind River's VxWorks and Linux. This internal expertise allows our hardware and software engineering groups to frequently provide high-level architectural assistance. This assistance allows our customers to effectively leverage our expertise and products toward quickly developing complex systems.

While many customers purchase our standard products, high volume customers frequently benefit from our ability to rapidly optimize our standard products for their unique application. For these customers, we frequently operate as their autonomous hardware group tasked with architectural development, product definition, and hardware and firmware development.


Cyclone products are frequently a component of large, complex systems. Consequently, meeting customer product delivery commitments is as important as the initial product trial. Cyclone operates a closely controlled manufacturing process that insures on-time delivery of quality products. We utilize local assembly subcontractors to assemble the PCBs followed by thoroughly testing and configuring all products on our production floor.

In addition to board level products, Cyclone also produces customer-specific systems incorporating our products complete with Telecommunications NEBS Level III and international regulatory certifications, system documentation, rapid delivery programs, advanced replacement sparing support, and sustaining lifecycle support.


Since our start in 1986, Cyclone has remained a privately held company, majority owned by Cyclone's management and founders. The company has been consistently profitable and has developed the appropriate working capital to support large production growth opportunities. Our long term view permits us to focus all our attention on developing technology and products to intersect with our customers' future challenges.


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