Corporate Responsibility and Environmental Management
Cyclone Microsystems has had a longstanding commitment to minimize our impact on the environment.  We consider environmental stewardship to be of great importance.  This ethic is demonstrated by our practices and policies for recycling, waste reduction, and resource management.  

Cyclone Microsystems subscribes to the tenets of the Electronic Industry Code of Conduct (Version 3.0, 2009). The EICC establishes standards for Labor, Health and Safety, Environment, Management, and Ethics. Our defined programs are appropriate to our mission, scope of operations, and corporate goals.

Environmental Programs

  • Energy Conservation
    • Energy Usage, Lighting - In 2006, we implemented a complete retrofit of our administrative, engineering, and production lighting to energy efficient ballasts. The retrofit paid for itself within two years with the savings in energy expenses.
    • Computers and Monitors: All computers and monitors utilize power saving settings.
    • Energy Re-use: Heat usage is monitored and excess heat from production operations is circulated to administrative and engineering areas in the winter heating season.
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions
    • Production product testing consumes our largest amount of energy. Consequently, electricity for testing is our largest variable energy input. Product  energy efficiency is a considered design trade-off in the development of new product specifications. Our experience has been that our designs progressive become less energy intensive per unit. However, we will not compromise our product burn-in period which directly supports our product quality.
    • Alternative Employee Commuting - Cyclone promotes bicycling and walking to work for interested employees by maintaining on-site showers and a bicycle storage area.
    • Potable Water Consumption - Delivered bottled water has been displaced by on-site filtered water
    • Optimized Shipping - Both incoming and outgoing shipping has been optimized, when possible, to reduce frequency of truck deliveries
    • Leased Property - As a Leasee, we do not have access to GHG data for our location. Consequently, we are unable to measure, monitor, or set goals for GHG emissions.
  • Waste management
    • Recycling Program: Our recycling program encompasses all paper, cardboard, bottles, cans, fluorescent lights, batteries and ink/toner cartridges. Since 2007, we have used a local recycling/reclaiming company for the seperation of all electronic waste, metals and wood pallets from our waste stream.
    • Waste Reduction:
      • Chassis Packaging materials are carefully specified so that they can be reused in customer shipments
      • Exclusive use of 100% biodegradable starch-based loose packaging fill.
      • Minimize/Eliminate Printing
        • All of Cyclone's Sales Literature, Data Sheets, Product Manuals and Technical Documentaion are primarily distributed in electronic PDF format
        • Double-Sided Report Printing
      • All employees are issued durable and washable non-spill coffee/beverage mugs. The Lunch Room is provisioned with washable stainless steel lunch room cutlery and plates
      • Maintenance Supplies: The facility is maintained using earth friendly cleaning products and post consumer recycled paper towels.
    • RoHS Compliance: In 2006, Cyclone Microsystems transitioned all new products to comply to the semiconductor industry's standard of RoHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances). While we still produce a few legacy telecommunications FRUs that are not viable to fully covert due to the lack of 100% RoHS components. We plan to sunset production of the remaining non-RoHS compliant FRU products by 2016 and and be 100% RoHS compliant by 2017.

Setting Goals and Measuring Performance

We have taken every opportunity to conduct business with the objective of ecological responsibility. Weaudit and set numeric goals in:

  • Energy Conservation
  • Waste Management

Management Audits of Performance

Environment Goals and Programs are a permanent agenda item for management review and discussion.

In 29 years, we had never had any regulatory fines or penalties. I we should do so in the future, they will be posted here.

Environmental Management Systems - Organizational Chart

Cascading Environmental Management Requirement to Significant Subcontractors

Major providers of goods and services are requested to develop and maintain identical goals programs and structures.


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