Audio Video Workstations

Video Editing Workstation
The typical modern video editing system requires several GPU devices, SAS/RAID storage, and video I/O and editing cards.  The current MAC Pro 4.1, often used in video production systems, does not offer ample PCIe Express slots to satisfy all of these requirements.  Cyclone Microsystems’ PCIe2-2707 has been specifically designed to solve this dilemma for video engineers by providing an additional five PCIe 2.0 slots in an external chassis.

Cyclone's post-production video customers are creating state-of-the-art video editing systems with the PCIe-2707, utilizing specialized PCI Express cards such as the latest from Red Rocket, nVidia and Blackmagic. These customers are running complex, data intense video rendering and editing software such as Blackmagic Davinici Resolve, and have reproted little-to-no performance loss when running with PCIe2-2707. This is due to the ultra-fast 80 Gbit/sec x16 PCIe 2.0 cable interface linking the expansion box with the Mac Pro.

Many video editing customersa are also adding additional storage in the expansion system using the latest 3 and 6 Gbit SAS and RAID cards from Atto and Areca. With a typical configuration such as this, the PCIe2-2707 is an equal parts video editing and external storage solution.

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