2900 Series Telecommunications Servers

Network Switching Equipment

Cyclone Microsystems' Front End Processors and Communications Gateways provide mission-critical computing capability to global wireless and wire-line communications providers. As a core component of our customers' service delivery and revenue logging infrastructure, load sharing clusters of Cyclone Front End Processors and Communciations Gateways provide continuous, high availability operation with no single point of failure.

Advanced telecommunications is a fast shifting industry with accelerated deployment of new capabilities and competitive pressures demanding ever increasing efficiencies. Since 1992, Cyclone has developed and built four product generations of Telecommunications Front End Processors and Communications Gateways.

Starting with SS-7 based Local Number Portability, AIN, and Pre-paid services to todays IP-based DIAMETER services, Cyclone's Telecommunications products have provided application-specific hardware for both circuit switched as well as IP networks.

Built to stringent NEBS Level III Network Equipment standards and deployed in 200 installations worldwide, Cyclone Microsystems Network Switching Equipment has helped provide 2800 system years of continuous operation without a single service-affecting outage.

Products utilize the multi-core PowerPCs or multi-core Xeon Processors for both Real time VxWorks and Linux Support.




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