Software, Firmware, Drivers and Operating System Support

Product Features
Breeze Development Environment
Cyclone's Development for Embedded Code Development
  • Task Debug
  • Board Initialization
  • Memory and System Function Calls
Linux 2.6: LSP
Linux Support Packages
  • Linux 2.6.10
  • Support for most all Cyclone XScale Based Intelligent I/O Controllers
Linux 2.6 : Linux Host to Linux IOP Messaging Driver
Linux Host-to-Linux IOP Messaging Driver (L2LM Driver)
  • Efficient Messaging Driver for Host to IOP Communciations
  • Utilizes XScale Processor Hardware Messaging Unit's Messaging Registers and Circular Queues
  • DMA Support
VxWorks/Tornado II
  • OS/Development Tool Support for Legacy Products
Windows XP: Host Driver
XP Host-to-Cyclone IOP Communications Driver
  • Win32 File System Function Calls
  • DMA Support

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